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September 11, 2012

One of the most mysterious things about the book is its title. Wikipedia informs us that "wave scattering corresponds to the collision and scattering of a wave with some material object, for instance sunlight scattered by rain drops to form a rainbow." Since there is nothing here about light or rainbows or even about science, we must conclude that the author has simply added one more ironic "twist of malice" to these short stories. Each one has a surprise ending or leaves the reader in a state of shock.

Jean Rae Baxter conveys traits of character in a very few words. Her characters come alive and interact in the most unusual circumstances. They are all from Canada, a country reputed for its good-natured, considerate citizens. Surprise! Baxter delights in revealing the worst in everyone. The language and the situations are often so down to earth that one wonders where this sedate lady did her research.

"The Quilt" - a story from her previous publication "A Twist of Malice" - has been cleverly expanded into four "Patchwork Pieces" providing a superb final touch to a highly original collection.
Reviewer: Gilda Fine

The Hamilton Spectator
October 29, 2011

A short story that doesn't leave you feeling short-changed but creates satisfaction, is very difficult to achieve. Few stand out. An author who can do that lives right here in Hamilton: Jean Rae Baxter.

Short- story authors have but a few pages to reel you in and keep you. Baxter’s alchemy is masterful.

Short story collections need colourful, textured variety. Scattered Light includes revenge, magic, criminals on the run, vanishing partners (two go out and one returns), murder—a palette of motives that become riveting gems in miniature.

.Baxter employs all the tools of her craft and then some. Highlights for me include, “After Annabelle,” winner of the 2010 John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award; “Osprey Lake;” “What the Gardener Saw." Truth be told, l enjoyed all of them.

Scattered Light is an award-winning collection waiting ·to be crowned and .one you- shouldn't miss.
Reviewer: Don Graves