Work in Progress

Jean Rae Baxter’s sixth young adult historical novel, Ska-Noh, is in progress.

Fourteen years ago, young Moses Cobman gave his newborn sister the name Hope. Days later, Oneida warriors carried him off. The Oneida adopted him and gave him the name Broken Trail, Not just his sister but also his brother Elijah vanished from his life. The American Revolution has turned the world upside down. When the great leader Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant) sends him on a mission to the Cherokees of Tennessee, the outcome is the last thing that Broken Trail could expect.

The Battle on the Ice tells the story of the United States' last attempt to invade Canada...

In March 1838 an American army marched from Sandusky across the Lake Erie ice to invade Pelee Island. The fugitive Canadian rebel William Lyon Mackenzie had told the Americans that most Canadians would welcome liberation from British rule. Most of the terrified inhabitants of Pelee Island fled to the Canadian mainland. This is the story of a boy and his family who refused to yield.